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Got shoulder pain? Here’s why I want to look at your spinal mobility first…

Let's set the scene... You've been struggling with shoulder issues for years... you can bearly remember when it started to bother you. Initially, it was just a niggle - maybe the odd twinge here and there, or a dull ache. It didn't used to get in the way of your favourite activities. But over the months or years since it first started it's slowly come to become such a nuisance that you started to avoid certain activities. In fact, at some points it's even stopped you from doing simple day to day tasks, like household chores or completing tasks at work.

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Golfer’s Elbow vs. Tennis Elbow – what’s the difference?

Although they are often confused, Golfer's Elbow and Tennis Elbow are two different overuse injuries of the tendinous structures of the elbow and wrist. More specifically, these injuries are categorised as 'tendinopathies'.

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INFORMATIVE ARTICLE: Flexibility vs. Mobility – What’s The Difference?

We have all heard the term 'flexibility'. But there's a new term on the block and it's being used interchangeably with our old friend 'flexibility'. But is there a difference between them two terms? If so, what? And why is it important to our training?

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FREE GROUP CLASS: Try out a Flexibility and Joint Mobility Class

Would you like to improve your flexibility, joint mobility, and reduce muscle tension? Move Well Flexibility and Joint Mobility Classes could be just the thing you're looking for... the even better news is, you can try a class for free! Do you ever feel like you're not as flexible as you once were, or would… Continue reading FREE GROUP CLASS: Try out a Flexibility and Joint Mobility Class

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COMPETITION: Refer-A-Friend to Win £250 of Move Well Treatments & Classes

How would you like get a 'kickstart' on reducing and managing your pain, joint stiffness and/or post-training muscle soreness? Enter the new Move Well Refer-A-Friend Competition and you could WIN a Move Well Kickstarter Package worth £250! What is the competition? This is a 'Refer-A-Friend' competition. For every friend you refer to the Move Well Clinic who books… Continue reading COMPETITION: Refer-A-Friend to Win £250 of Move Well Treatments & Classes