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LOCATION NEWS: MTClinics King’s Heath Closure from 1st July 2018

Whether you are a current client or have enquired prospectively about using services offered by Move Well at MTClinics King's Heath you may be interested to know more about the closure of the MTClinics in easyGym in King's Heath...

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FREE 15-MINUTE SPORTS MASSAGE: A Limited Time 1st Anniversary Offer From Move Well

Struggling to get up the stairs after leg day? Can't reach your laces to tie them a day or so after a big back session? Want to recover from muscle soreness quicker? Need to make sure that sore and tight muscles don't slow your training progress?   If you answered, "Yes!" to the above questions then you're in luck...

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Miracle Injury Cure or Magical Painkiller: What Is Kinesiology Tape – And How Does It Work?

Kinesiology or kinesio tape is an adhesive taping method applied with the aim of reducing pain, increasing range of movement, and/or enhancing quality of movement in response to muskuloskeletal injury. Although originally arising in the 1970s, kinesio taping has rocketed in popularity in recent years, with celebrity endorsements and increasing popularity for both professional and recreational athletes.


A 3-Step Guide: Remembering Home Exercises plus 11 Handy Tips

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL Have you ever struggled to find time to complete the exercises recommended to you by your therapist? Perhaps it was a daily movement practice to help soothe muscle soreness? A resistance exercise for resolving a tendinopathy? Or perhaps strength training to address a joint pain or weakness? To be honest, the cause and the means don't really matter - sometimes it's hard do the things that ultimately help us...