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The Real Reason Your Wrists Hurt From Training

Why do my wrists hurt when I’m training?

I often get queries in the clinic from clients about wrist pain when they are training arms. In particular, the pain is worse when they perform bicep curls.

A heavy session that involves pushing or pulling weight using your hands in any way also means a heavy wrist session…

If you train chest, you train wrists.
If you train biceps, you train wrists.
If you train triceps, you train wrists.
If you train back, you train wrists.

That’s a lot of volume for a small joint. Overtraining of the muscle-tendon units in the forearm can lead to an overuse tendinopathy at the wrist.


Grip and wrist strength is essential in being able to lift – so improving grip and wrist strength will likely positively impact on how effectively you can train the other joints in your body. There are lots of ways to do this, and you don’t have to look to far to find advice (especially if you have access to the internet).

Train your wrists – make them strong too! Apply the same progressive overload training principles that you would to any other part of the body. Select specific exercises that target movement in all ranges at the forearms, start small and increase work volume (sets, reps and resistance) slowly and steadily.

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