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Stroke Association Resolution Run at Hagley Hall (Sunday 28th April 2019)

At 09:00 on Sunday I rocked up to Hagley Hall car park with the Move Well Clinic treatment couch and a backpack full of sandwiches. I was there to provide sports therapy services to the 500+ runners in the annual Stroke Association West Midland’s Resolution Run 2019.

The event is used as a fun way to raise money to deliver services and support to survivors of stroke and their family, supporters and carers. In England, 1 in 6 people will experience a stroke in their lifetime, and 30% of these people will experience a second stroke (1). A number of my family members have been affected by a stroke, so this is a cause very close to my heart.


Runners at the ‘Start Line’ of Resolution Run 2019 at Hagley Hall, Worcs.

In England, 1 in 6 people will experience a stroke in their lifetime

The event also provides runners with a rare opportunity to blaze through a notoriously challenging 5km route around the charming grounds of the Hagley Hall Estate. Although you can choose from 5km, 10km or 15km distances – so your distance can be tailored to your running experience! Kindly, the owner of the estate, Lord Cobham offers the use of the grounds to the Stroke Association at no-cost. This means that every penny raised from the event can be used to invest in facilities on the day, and ultimately means that more donations can be used for services delivered by the Stroke Association West Midlands.

Fiona at the Move Well Clinic therapy tent at Resolution Run 2019 at Hagley Hall

My role was in delivering a sports therapy clinic service onsite. Advice and sports massage therapy was provided in exchange for nominal donations to the cause on the day. I also offered runners the chance to win a free therapy treatment at the clinic. If you signed up for the competition please check your email inbox and the Move Well Clinic Facebook page to find out if you have won!

Fortunately, the weather held out for duration of the run with only traces of a light drizzle in the morning. There was event a spot of sunshine towards the end of the day! As the participants crossed the finish line I was able to help a number of folks with queries and provide treatments for their injuries and niggles.

… But with all the action my sandwiches remained untouched until I had packed up my treatment couch!

Runners preparing for the start of the Resolution Run in the grounds of Hagley Hall

I should take this moment to thank Leigh who not only let me borrow his top notch event tent, but also offered to set it up and take it down on the day. This was an amazingly generous thing to do. Not only was it a Sunday, but I had only just met him – I walked up to him and his team of Scout Leaders in Mary Stevens Park the day before the event as they were packing away a barbecue cook out and asked for help as a complete stranger! It just goes to show that there are some amazingly helpful people out there, and if you need help – just ask!

If you would like to make a donation to the Stroke Association or the Scouts please follow the links below:



If you have any questions about the Move Well Clinic please email me at or call/text me on 07957 414 816

Reference List:

  1. UK Government (2018). Research and analysis First stroke estimates in England: 2007 to 2016. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2019].

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