Welcome to the online booking service for Move Well Clinic.

Please follow the steps below to make bookings with Fiona at all locations.

  1. IMPORTANT: Read and understand the Terms and Conditions (including the 24 hour cancellation policy).
  2. Click the link below and follow the instructions to make your booking.
  3. You will be sent an automated confirmation with instructions to how to complete the following requirements:
    1. Informed Consent Document
    2. Basic Information Form
    3. Payment of a £10 deposit
  4. Once you have completed your booking, the remaining balance is to be paid at your appointment by cash, card, PayPal or bank transfer.
  5. You will be sent a reminder of your appointment 24 hours before the appointment begins.

To make your booking in person or over the phone please call/text Fiona on 07957 414 816.

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