Complaints Proceedure

Version 1.0 (Last updated 19/03/2018)

These procedures are updated occasionally and are subject to change.

Move Well Clinic welcomes customer comments and will act on constructive criticism where possible and appropriate. Clients are encouraged to send such cases in written format by letter or electronically by email to the clinic using the Contact Form or address provided on the Move Well website.

Any formal complaints will be logged by the Managing Director (Fiona Higgs) with details of the clients name and address, the date and time that the situation occurred, the staff members involved, as well as the action taken in response to the complaint.
All complaints will receive an acknowledgement or receipt by email within 3 working days.

Each complaint will be met with a full response from the Managing Director within 7 working days giving an explanation of the situation and any proposed action.
All correspondence and documentation relating to the complaint is stored in the ‘Important Clinic Information’ file held by the Managing Director.

The contents of the complaints file is reviewed annually and action will be taken on any obvious shortcomings in services provided at the clinic. The annual report will be stored in the audit file. Please note that the Move Well Terms and Conditions are updated and viewable on the Move Well Clinic website.

Complaints on Clinical Issues

In the majority of cases it is hoped that complaints can be resolved through discussions with the therapist involved. Whether formal or informal, the client should be encouraged to talk to their therapist about a problem. If the client feels uncomfortable with this or the situation cannot be resolved in this way, then the Managing Director of the clinic will become involved. In an instance whereby the issue is still unresolved the case will be handed up to the Sports Therapy Association for further review and guidance.

Complaints about Practice Issues and Procedures

These complaints will be passed directly to the Managing Director for appropriate action (see above).

Fiona Higgs, Managing Director – Move Well Clinic