Terms and Conditions

Version 1.0 (Last updated 19/03/2018)

These terms and conditions are updated occasionally and are subject to change.


a. Once an appointment date and time has been selected a deposit of £10 must be paid (by cash, card or electronic bank transfer) in order for an appointment to be confirmed.

b. If the deposit is not paid by the client, then the booking is not confirmed.


a. The deposit is only refundable if the client has given more than 24 hours of notice of cancellation to Move Well Clinic.

b. Clients who fail to attend an appointment without giving any notice will not be refunded their deposit.

c. In the case that a refund is issued, the deposit will be refunded to the client within 24 hours.

d. Appointments may be rescheduled to an alternative time up to twice, and must take place within 2 weeks of the original appointment date. In the case that either of these conditions cannot be met, the deposit will be forfeited by the client, and a new booking and deposit will be required.


a. Discounts are available for block bookings only if full payment is made prior to the first appointment. There is 10% discount applied to block bookings of 4 to 7 appointments, and 15% discount applied to block bookings of 8 or more appointments.

b. Block bookings are non-refundable (except in the case of clinic cancellation – see below), but can be rescheduled up to twice, and must take place within 2 weeks of the original booking.


a. In the case of appointment cancellation by the clinic, the client will be entitled to either reschedule to the next suitable available appointment or to a deposit refund. In the case of clinic cancellation of a block booking, the client will be entitled to reschedule as outlined above, or to a refund of the amount the client paid for the individual appointment(s) cancelled by the clinic.


a. A standard treatment or assessment at the clinic is 55-minutes in duration, and rates vary from £40 to £65 per session, depending on location.

b. 30-minute treatments are available by block booking only.


a. Appointments may be extended in duration and additional time is charged at rates which vary from £10 to £20 per 15 minutes, depending on location. It is advised that extended appointments are arranged in advance, and appointments can be extended by no more than 30 minutes.

b. Where home visits are possible, a minimum £5 ‘call-out’ charge is applied. The total charge is dependent on time, day and distance travelled.


a. Clients are advised to be punctual to arrive for their appointments as bookings are scheduled to take place ‘back-to-back’.

b. It is not feasible to delay appointments to suit late-arriving clients.

c. Both client and clinic should clearly communicate any delays that will affect appointment starting times as soon as possible to ensure the best solution can be found as soon as possible.


Move Well Clinic reserves the right to refuse bookings under the following circumstances, whereby the individual concerned has:

a. made and cancelled 2 or more bookings.

b. booked an appointment and failed to attend without providing any notice or adequate explanation of circumstances on one or more occasions.

c. arrived more than 15 minutes late to 2 or more appointments.

d. demonstrated a lack or respect, or dangerous or offensive behaviour towards other clients and/or staff working at the Move Well Clinic and/or its associates.

e. failed to understand the nature, modes and/or purpose of the work undertaken by the practiioner(s) of Move Well Clinic.

This list is not exhaustive, and the clinic staff reserve the right to refuse appointments to any individual based on any other reasonable argument.


a. Clients may file complaints about Clinical Issues or Clinic Issues and Procedures by following the steps outlined in the Complaints Procedure, which can be accessed through the Move Well Clinic website (www.move-well.co.uk) or requested from the clinic via email (fiona@move-well.co.uk).

Fiona Higgs, Managing Director – Move Well Clinic