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LOCATION NEWS: MTClinics King’s Heath Closure from 1st July 2018

Whether you are a current client or have enquired prospectively about using services offered by Move Well at MTClinics King’s Heath you may be interested to know more about the closure of the MTClinics in easyGym in King’s Heath.

Around a mid-June the easyGym in King’s Heath was bought by The Gym Group. At this time the owner of MTClinics decided not to renew the lease on the room in which the clinic is located. This essential means that MTClinics will no longer operate from easyGym in King’s Heath and therefore Move Well will also no longer be able to provide my services from this location after tomorrow (Tuesday 26th July 2018).

I have loved working at MTClinics King’s Heath within easyGym – it has been a fantastic place to start my business, surrounded by fantastic clients and gym members and staff. I will be truly sad to leave. If you are a client of Move Well at King’s Heath,  I want to thank you for your role in the first year of my business!

However, I am looking forward to continuing to grow the Move Well Clinic in my central location in Genetix Gym in Stourbridge. Although it is a a bit of jaunt from King’s Heath to Stourbridge, I would like to warmly welcome you to the Move Well Clinic if you feel you would like to remain part of the Move Well Community and need to access my services. CLICK HERE to view the Move Well Clinic location on Google Maps, and CLICK HERE to watch a video of how to locate the treatment room inside the gym when you arrive!

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Please feel welcome to stay in touch with me at this email address if you have any queries.

I look forward to crossing paths with you again soon!

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