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Oops! NO Move Well Clinic in Jewellery Quarter…

About a month ago I announced that Move Well Clinic would be opening up a new location in the Jewellery Quarter. However, things have changed…

No more Move Well in JQ…

In the last 4 weeks I have made a decision to change the overall focus of the clinic. Rather than choosing to extend the breadth of locations in which I provide my one-to-one clinic services, I will instead be pursuing a longer term interest of mine – group exercise. In particular, I will be seeking to work with a very important growing segment of the UK population: older adults.

Some of you may know that my research background was focused on the effects of targeted strength and balance-focused group exercise in preventing falls and fractures in older adults. Exercise is such an effective falls prevention method, and impacts positively on a range of health factors that affects us all as we age. I feel so strongly that exercise should be enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of mobility and activity. It is such a powerful tool for improving quality of life! Hence, why it will become a new major focal point for Move Well Clinic.

So, what does this mean for the other Move Well Clinic locations?

Nothing. I love working in the Move Well Clinic at Genetix Gym in Lye – it’s my home! I am also really enjoying working at MTClinics in King’s Heath easyGym – it was the first Move Well Clinic location. I intend to be there for the foreseeable future too! Beyond these existing locations, I will need to focus my attention on seeking new locations in the community that would be suitable for delivering group exercise for older adults. These will be places that are convenient to access. As you might have guessed, this is why I have decided not to pursue a location in the Jewellery Quarter – it is simply not ‘suburban’ enough for the folks I want to attract to Move Well!

In summary…

I have felt for a long time that I want and need to be offering something to older members of my community – especially regarding falls prevention. I feel like the knowledge I gained in that area of expertise while I studied for my PhD is now going to waste! I hope that this will be a successful venture…

Perhaps I can help someone you know with these new services? If you think I can help, please drop me a message via email, phone or contact details provided here (CLICK HERE).


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