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Updated Price List From July 2018… BUT Existing Move Well Clients Rewarded!

(Edited on 28/05/2018)

From July 1st 2018, Move Well Clinic will be changing treatment investment costs and booking arrangements offered to new clients. However, as an expression of gratitude for their custom, all existing paying clients who have attended appointments at the clinic (all locations) before the 1st July will be exempt from the investment increase and are GUARANTEED 2017 prices FOR LIFE!

I am so pleased to be approaching the end of Move Well Clinic’s first year in business in July 2018! I can honestly say it’s been the most rewarding and exciting project I’ve ever worked on. What’s more – it has been an absolute honour and pleasure to work with the members of the Move Well Community – I really couldn’t have made it this far without your support and patronage. So THANK YOU!

I will be increasing the price of my 55-minute appointments from July 1st 2018 at the Move Well Clinic. Only block bookings will be available.


If you’ve been into the clinic for a treatment or assessment, chances are you will be aware that as a rule I don’t often recommend that my clients make block bookings. However, over the last 6 months, I have found a significant difference in outcomes between my clients who visit once or twice, and those who return for either a block or continuous work. This is supported by clear scientific evidence that gains in strength, mobility, flexibility and pain all take time. The average time taken to recover from a tendinopathy is between 3 and 6 months. In my own observations of my clients the best results happen in cases where my clients fully commit to managing their pain and symptoms. This means that they have made an informed choice to invest in a block of 4 or more appointments. Therefore, with the exception of assessments, from 1st July I will no longer be offering single pay-as-you-go treatments (inclusive of sports massage). You will be able to find out the exact details of the programmes available closer to July.


However, there is an exception…

You could still be eligible for a LIFETIME of the fixed low-cost treatments at the Move Well Clinic.

… if you are an existing client at any of the Move Well Clinic locations before the date of the new price increase (July 1st 2018) then you will be exempt from the increase in the 55-minute treatment price. In fact, if this is you – then you will never pay more for your treatments than the 2017-2018 prices. This is my way of thanking all the clients of the Move Well Clinic for their support and patronage in the first year of business. I really couldn’t have done it without you!

If you’ve been meaning to make an appointment at the Move Well Clinic there is still time before the new prices come into effect. You could still be eligible for a LIFETIME of the fixed-cost treatments at the Move Well Clinic. All you need to do is book and attend a full price assessment or treatment at a Move Well Clinic location before July 1st 2018.


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