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Attention Runners: New Rehab/Prehab Classes at Movement Therapy Clinics (Tuesdays at 20:00 at Newman University, Birmingham, UK)

Are You A Runner, or Track or Field Athlete? Have you recently experienced an injury or looking to prevent injury? Are you looking for some expert guidance on how to continue, restart, or adapt your training to accommodate following your injury? Or are you hoping to improve your performance?

A new 6-week ‘Runners’ Rehab/Prehab Class’ programme, which will be delivered at Newman University  by Movement Therapy Clinics, is aimed at reducing injury, increasing strength and enhancing sporting performance for recreational and competitive athletes. The classes will be held on Tuesday nights at 20:00 by Sophie Cook (Registered Physiotherapist) and Gurdev Hanspal (Sports Therapist), both of whom have Olympic Lifting qualifications.

The cost of this 6-week block is £72 – which equates to just £12 per class. You will be provided with a periodized strength programme that will optimize your performance and reduce your risk of injury.  In addition, you will be training alongside other like-minded runners with similar goals in a friendly and safe environment, under the guidance of experts in injury prevention and rehab.

If you would like to know more, please contact Sophie by phone or email:

Tel: +44 (0) 7393 863 148


To find out more about services offered by Movement Therapy Clinics (which includes Move Well Clinic in Stourbridge, you can visit the Movement Therapy Clinic website (click HERE).

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